About Me

I have 3 older brothers and 1 younger sister.
I enjoy all forms of Art, Music, Sports and Literature.
On March 31, 1995 my dad passed away Jaime H Tirado Jr.

December 15th 2010 I lost my mother to a long fight with Cancer, my mother was my backbone my heart my love my everything,



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. To my nephew Josh,
    Nice job! Just a few typos. Josh, I want you to know that I am and have always been very proud of you. Not only are you a great creative artist, but you have become the kind of man that merits respect and love. You are an excellent Dad and husband. I know my brother would have been very proud of you. Your ability and focus in setting and achieving your goals are admirable. Throughout your young life you have faced many challenges and yet you have risen above it and continue to charge forward with determination. Continue as you are and with Kat at your side I know some- day, I will be standing cheering you on as you are receiving your much deserved recognition. And I will be shouting, “that’s my nephew Josh. My brother’s Jaime son!”
    I Love You,
    Titi Neida

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